In March 2015, Pabst Brewing Co. partnered with Small Town Brewery to distribute the Not Your Father's Root Beer brand nationally. Just 10 months after becoming available in all 50 states, Small Town Brewery was the nation's sixth best-selling craft beer brand in stores.


UX Design, Web


Meghan Cannizzaro
Saba Talat
Michelle Nam

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Early discovery: Industry benchmark, audit & intent

As with any transformation, this one began with some self-reflection. To kick things off the team took note of the current performance, structure and role of the website, as well as digging a little deeper into the actual people behind the traffic.


Using a true intent survey, the team was able to learn a little more about why our users were visiting the site. Below are's three leading user types and categories of user intent.

User types

  1. Decision Makers
  2. O/O (Owner/Operators)
  3. Truckers


  1. Available solutions
  2. Product-specific features
  3. Pricing

Identifying opportunities & planning

After reviewing the current state of, it appeared that rapid growth of the company had placed stress on the structure and organization of the website, and as a result, users weren’t engaging with website content. Recommendations for optimization were created, then, plotting risk against perceived value, we prioritized which features we would focus on first.


Navigation & IA: Gathering requirements

Leaning on further analysis and working closely with our SEO specialists, we began to develop a sitemap that would facilitate discovery.


First iteration: exploring concepts with wireframes & beginning visual design

While we waited on the results of the expert card sort to come in, we developed three concepts for the global navigation.