Pabst Brewing Co.

In March 2015, Pabst Brewing Co. partnered with Small Town Brewery to distribute the Not Your Father's Root Beer brand nationally. Just 10 months after becoming available in all 50 states, Small Town Brewery was the nation's sixth best-selling craft beer brand in stores.


UX Design, Web


Beth Marr

Ethan Silva

Small Town Brewery


Sitting on a first-to-market product generating impressive profit, PBR Co. prioritized a website update for Small Town Brewery to capitalize on growing publicity and demand, and to stay out in front of other players attempting to keep pace. Before getting acquired, Small Town Brewery operated a rudimentary website that offered only very basic product information and was riddled with usability issues.



With limited analytics history, we leaned heavily on social media engagement, market insights from the growing artisanal/flavored craft beer industry, and a thorough competitive analysis to form our strategy for the new website. We started the design process by identifying and prioritizing key consumer objectives and internal initiatives.

User needs

  1. Learn about new flavors
  2. Locate and buy product
  3. Easily participate in sweepstakes
  4. Book flagship brewery tour/tasting

Business requirements

  1. Landing pad for social media, sweepstakes, enter to win
  2. Easy access to distributor portal
  3. Host new flavors which were pending rollout throughout the following year
  4. Reinforce brand essence. Mimic POS, packaging, etc.

The next step was creating a high-level sitemap and then moving into various degrees of detailed wireframing. This allowed us to identify and test potential challenges early on, as well as secure stakeholder approval without getting lost in the weeds and derailed during conceptual stages.


From prototype to high-fidelity design and handoff, our team worked in lock-step with Red Peg to provide line of sight and assure we were designing within their technical scope. One particular challenge was deciding which third party service to leverage for our product finder. Our users indicated they were unsure where to buy the product, so this was an integral feature of the new site. To meet internal expectations, we needed a solution that was customizable, and able to collect data.